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GoChiroTV Media Player

GoChiroTV is a complete SILENT “Plug-n-Play” solution! With the GoChiroTV media player and your wireless or cabled internet connection, we can turn your reception TV into an Educational and Promotional Tool for your practice.


  • FREE 45-Day No Risk Trial with No Obligation Return – Your credit card WILL NOT be charged if you decide to return the media player at the end of 45 days.
  • No Set Up Fee
  • $89 per Month for 24 Months

* Requirements: Flat screen HDTV (42″ or greater recommended) and internet connection 


GoChiroTV is the CHIRO-CENTRIC digital signage network that delivers wellness driven content to your reception area television.
Patients are entertained and educated about your practice from the moment they enter your office.
Content changes weekly with information tailored to your practice in an entertaining high-definition format that creates a great first impression for your patients

For only $89 per month, you will:

patients on the importance of your care.

patients about other services you provide.

patients with referral information.

patients to ask about additional care they want and need.

Our Doctors continue to give rave reviews:

It’s sometimes hard to have conversations about some of the services we offer our patients. I feel like a sales person. But it’s easy when they’re the ones who start the conversation.

Christopher McNichols, DC
East Lake Chiropractic and Injury Center

I am very happy with GoChiroTV. Very high quality graphics and really good content that is updated frequently. We even have patients that sit down after their adjustments just to see an entire cycle of information.

Louis Verloop, DC
Surprise Chiropractic

I really like how GoChiroTV showcases our services and products as well as educates our patients. It’s great.

Roy Clarke, DC
Beyond Chirpractic

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What Happens Next?

Once your subscription purchase is complete you will receive a confirmation email. In order to serve you with the best content for your practice, please follow the link in that email and submit your Tailored Content Questionnaire.

Your device cannot be shipped until these steps are completed.

GoChiroTV Sample Content

Each GoChiroTV loop is silent, and 4-6 minutes long with two types of content:
• Twelve standard slides for the Chiropractic & Patient Health, and Chiropractic Intense loops.
• Additional, tailored content to match your practice that plays every fourth slide. (Marked with a spinning ‘G’)

Chiropractic & Patient Health

Watch in full screen mode for best experience.

Includes the following topics:
• Chiropractic
• Spinal Health
• Nutrition
• Eating Healthy
• Women’s Health
• Senior Health
• Children’s Health
• General Health
• Research Shows
• Fitness/Exercise

Chiropractic Intense

Watch in full screen mode for best experience.

Includes the following topics:
• Chiropractic
• Chiropractic for Infants and Children
• Chiropractic for Students and Young Athletes
• Chiropractic for Seniors
• Chiropractic for Women and Mothers
• More than Just Spine Care
• Spinal Health
• Eating Healthy
• General Health
• Research Shows
• Fitness/Exercise

If you have more questions or want additional information about GoChiroTV Network content, installation, equipment and more, please contact us today!