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All you need is an HDTV and internet, and go•chiro•tv will take care of the rest!
  • HD Chiropractic videos
  • Promotes products and services you offer
  • Videos sharable on Facebook
  • Add your own custom content
  • Wi-Fi Hotspot for your patients
  • Local Weather
  • And lots more!
Two Programs to Promote Your Practice

Chiropractic and Patient Health

Our Chiropractic & Patient Health loop focuses on symptomatic treatment of chiropractic patients.

Includes the following topics:

• Chiropractic
• Nutrition
• Women's Health
• Children's Health
• Research Shows
• Spinal Health
• Eating Healthy
• Senior Health
• General Health
• Fitness/Exercise
• And videos about the products and services you offer in your practice

Chiropractic Intense

Our Chiropractic Intense loop focuses on asymptomatic treatment of chiropractic patients.

Includes the following topics:

• Chiropractic for Infants and Children
• Chiropractic for Students and Young Athletes
• Chiropractic for Seniors
• Chiropractic for Women and Mothers
• More than Just Spine Care
• Fitness/Exercise
• Chiropractic
• Spinal Health
• Eating Healthy
• General Health
• Research Shows
• And videos about the products and services you offer in your practice

Teach patients & potential patients about the importance of regular care.

Patients will ask for additional services & products you provide.

Tailor your GoChiroTV videos according to your practice.

Social Media
Share our content with your patients on Facebook.

Tailored Content

Your GoChiroTV content is tailored according to your selection of topics on your content questionnaire to inspire your patients to ask for the products and services they want and need. Tailored content can be updated at any time.

Tailored content is marked by a spinning 'G' in the lower corner of your screen.

Our tailored content topics include, but are not limited to:

• Decompression• Supplements
• Kinesiology Taping• Laser Care
• Massage Therapy• Orthotics
• Sleep Products• TENS Devices
• Topicals• Weight Loss Products
...and more!

Our Doctors Continue to Give Rave Reviews

Bryan Lowry, DC
Advanced Wellness Centre
JT Anderson, D.C., CCEP
JT Anderson Chiropractic
Melissa Loidolt, DC
HealthSource of St. Cloud North
Robert Hennen, DC
HealthSource of Marshall
Christopher Black, DC
HealthSource of Rock Hill
Stephanie Maj, DC
Community Chiropractic
Christopher McNichols, DC
East Lake Chiropractic and Injury Center
"It's sometimes hard to have conversations about some of the
services we offer our patients. I feel like a sales person. But it's
easy when they're the ones who start the conversation."
Patients Start the Conversation
Piers Reeve-Tucker, DC
Lusaka Chiropractic & Wellness
Lusaka, Zambia
"Go•chiro•tv is an informative and relevant patient
education tool that helps me market my practice to
waiting patients with zero fuss. It remains flexible, allowing
me to tailor my content to my patient base at
an affordable cost. In addition, go•chiro•tv content is
shareable on Facebook, which me another great way to
bring value to my patients.”
Louis Verloop, DC
Surprise Chiropractic
"I am very happy with GoChiroTV. Very high quality graphics and really good content
that is updated frequently. We even have patients that sit down after
their adjustments just to see an entire cycle of information. "
High Quality Graphics
Roy Clarke, DC
Beyond Chiropractic
"I really like how GoChiroTV showcases our services
and products as well as educates our patients.
It's great."
Showcases Our Services and Products
Ann Marie, CA
Sigafoose and Jackson Chiropractic
“We are only 5 days into our free trial and have already had
a patient asking about Standard Process products who had
never used them before. The video presentations are very
effective at informing our patients about what we offer!”
Very Effective at Informing Our Patients About What We Offer
Ray Foxworth, DC
"Our patients have engaged with the GoChiroTV program
way more than we ever expected. Most patients are watching our
TV screens every time we walk into the treatment room. Plus,
it drives them to ask questions regarding our ancillary products like
nutritional supplements, FootLevelers orthotics, and cervical pillows.
It has also been great for patient education and stimulating referrals."
More Patient Engagement than We Ever Expected Andrew J. Cefalu, DC
Foxworth Chiropractic