quick setup guide

Check out our quick start guide to get your GoChiroTV Network display up and running as soon as possible.

Please note the system requirements on this page.

System Requirements
  • Flat Screen TV (min 42″ recommended)*
  • Power Outlet
  • High Speed Internet Connection

* Need TVs? Contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is your setup not going as planned? Did you run into a problem with your device?

Don’t worry! Check out our Frequently Asked Questions for some simple troubleshooting tips.

Quick Setup Guide

GoChiroTV quick setup step 1


Plug in Ethernet Cable. (Skip this step if you wish to use wi-fi)*

*Customer must indicate network preference (Cat5 cable or Wi-Fi connection) at time of order.

GoChiroTV quick setup step 2


Plug HDMI Cable into digital device.

GoChiroTV Quick start step 3


Plug the DC power cable into the device.

Quick Start Step 4


Plug the HDMI cable into your television, and power the TV on.

*Always keep the device accessible in case you need to reboot as we recommend powering it on and off once a week.

When the player is hooked up it will start running content automatically, but is not connected to our network. Please call GoChiroTV support to complete your setup.

Make sure your television is plugged in, and set to the appropriate input (HDMI). If the player does not start automatically, check all of the connections, and make sure power is being supplied to the power cord.

Call GoChiroTV support at 1 (888) 748-3462 Option 3 between 8:30 AM and 5:00 PM Eastern, Mon-Fri for instructions on connecting your device to you network, so you can receive updated content.

When the player is hooked up it will start running automatically.

  • Make sure your television is turned on, and set to the appropriate input (HDMI).
  • If the player does not start automatically, check all of the connections, and make sure power is being supplied to the power cord.
  • If the connections are secure, and power is being provided, try pressing the power button once.

Questions, Issues?

If you have more questions or want additional information about GoChiroTV Network content, installation, equipment and more.
Please contact GoChiroTV by phone or use our contact form.

(888) 748-3462

  The media player is designed to run on a single screen. To run on more than 1 screen an HDMI splitter is required. Please contact us for more details.

If your player is displaying content, but it fails to load live content feeds or displays a connectivity error, it may be offline. Try rebooting your internet router to re-establish connectivity   If the player reboots, but still fails to display live content, there may be a connectivity issue. If your player is set to Wi-Fi, it may be out of range of your router.   If your router is not out of range, or if your player is set to use a hardwired connection, it may require changes to the network settings.   If you made a change to your network, or if your player fails to connect right out of the box, you may need to check or change your player’s network settings. Download the following .pdf, and contact us if you have any questions. You will need a keyboard and mouse to complete the process.  

Network Setup Guide

If your player is plugged in and running, your signal may simply not be getting to the TV, or the HDMI cable may be unplugged. Try checking the HDMI inputs, and try rebooting the player.

Try rebooting your media player by removing the power cord, waiting fifteen seconds, and plugging it back in. The player should reboot as soon as power is restored.
If your player still does not boot up properly, it may need to be sent back for repairs. Contact RidgeLogic support in order to RMA your media player.

First, make sure that you are connected to the same local network as your go•chiro•tv device.

Click this link: go•chiro•tv Ticker Control

Enter the password provided to you - if you do not know your password, contact our support. Directly for help.

You can add messages by hitting ‘New,’ selecting a date for the message to be valid, and then clicking ‘add.’ To remove a message, just check its box and hit ‘remove.’

Remember that you need to be on the SAME local network as your go•chiro•tv device in order for your portal to work.

If your ticker is cut off by the bottom of your television screen, try resizing your interface by pressing the gear button on your remote, selecting the "Display" option in the droid settings menu, selecting 'Screen Position,' and then selecting 'Zoom Out Screen' to adjust the screen size.

Every night, your go•chiro•tv device automatically reboots. If your TV is set to turn back on whenever a powered device is connected to its input, it may be turning on whenever your go•chiro•tv device reboots.

Try disabling the CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) setting in your TV's menu. You may need to refer to your manufacturer's user manual for help with navigating the menu on your specific brand of TV