Expertly Produced Patient Education Videos

Chiropractic and Patient Health

Our Chiropractic & Patient Health loop focuses on symptomatic treatment of chiropractic patients.

Includes the following topics:
• Chiropractic
• Nutrition
• Women’s Health
• Children’s Health
• Research Shows
• Spinal Health
• Eating Healthy
• Senior Health
• General Health
• Fitness/Exercise
• Life Hacks

Chiropractic Intense

Our Chiropractic Intense loop focuses on asymptomatic treatment of chiropractic patients.

Includes the following topics:

• Chiropractic for Infants and Children
• Chiropractic for Students and Young Athletes
• Chiropractic for Seniors
• Chiropractic for Women and Mothers
• More than Just Spine Care
• Fitness/Exercise
• Chiropractic
• Spinal Health
• Eating Healthy
• General Health
• Research Shows
• Life Hacks

Tailored Content

Our tailored content is designed to inform and begin the conversations with your patients about additional products and services they want and need.

Our tailored content topics include:

• Acupuncture
• Beauty & Spa
• Decompression
• Dry Needling
• Herbs
• Kinesiology Taping
• Lab Testing
• Laser Care
• Massage Therapy
• Neuropathy
• Orthotics
• Personal Injury
• Personal Training
• Physical Therapy
• Pillows
• Sports Chiropractic
• Topicals
• Weight Loss

Chiropractic Patient Education Videos

Chiropractic patient education videos are becoming a very popular way to influence and educate your patients. Our chiropractic videos cover a wide range of topics including decompression, massage, orthotics, acupuncture, vitamins, health and wellness, therapy, nutritional supplements, and much more.
Broadly put, GoChiroTV has the experience and expertise to create videos that are relevant to your practice, products, and services. Chiro videos are a great way to build trust and loyalty leading to increased patient referrals.
Are you wondering what makes our content stand out? Well, there are multiple factors that add spark to our videos. Our content is research-based and reliably sourced on topics that are important to your patients. Our team also puts extra emphasis on aesthetic elements, which play a critical role in engaging viewers right from the get-go.

Process Of Choosing Educational Videos

GoChiroTV follows a comprehensive process to ensure videos are tailored to your practice. We send a detailed questionnaire upon sign-up that is filled out by you. You’ll find topics that include chiropractic videos, general health, popular industry services, and branded products. As soon as the questionnaire is completed, we begin working on loading your device based on your answers.


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