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Our focus

Advertising can feel artificial and alienating, and your patients don’t want to be subjected to obvious marketing when in the chiropractic space. But you still need to inform them about the products you offer, or you simply won’t earn money.

You need to be able to control the environment in your office.

Our focus is on creating an organic experience for both you and your patients:

• By promoting your products and services without making your patients feel like they’re being subjected to advertising
• By entertaining your patients with relevant information and engaging graphics
• By managing the process for you as much as possible.

Our goal is to provide an experience so seamless, and low maintenance, that you almost forget it exists.

What is go•chiro•tv?

go•chiro•tv is patient education for your waiting room.

It’s a small device that plugs into any HDTV in your office and runs a silent loop of videos about healthy living, the benefits of chiropractic, and services offered in your practice

Bite-Sized Content:

Chiropractic waiting rooms typically have a low dwell time, and your patients won’t want to sit through a full-length presentation on your waiting room TV. Our focus is on having a short loop, full of bit-sized information that updates frequently.

This way, your patients will have an opportunity to watch most or all of the content in a single visit, and see new content each week.

The Content
Duration of Loop About 8-11 Minutes
Duration of individual videos 25-50 Seconds
Number of Videos Per Loop 12 Standard Slides
🛈Standardized content included in your channel selection.
plus tailored content
🛈Tailored slides play intermittently throughout the loop depending on what products and services you offer.
Channels to choose from Two channels available
Update Frequency Half of content updates weekly
What's Included
What to expect in your order of go•chiro•tv:

• GoChiroTV device
• Quick-Start Guide
• Power Cable
• HDMI Cable
• Remote
• 2 AAA Batteries
• Mounting Velcro
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